Agency's Terms of Service

SIA „Baltic Casting Agency studija” (hereinafter referred to as the Agency), terms of service (hereinafter referred to as the Terms), published on the portal, are binding to all clients. The Agency shall have the right to amend and supplement the Terms at any time. The changes shall take effect after they are published on the Portal.


By registering on the portal  and creating a Client's Profile, the Client agrees to the Terms. Registration is limited to persons who are 18 years of age. Registration of minors on portal and payments shall be carried out by their statutory guardians.

By registering on the portal, the Client undertakes to comply with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia. During registration the Client shall provide information on a voluntary basis and certify that it is truthful.

During registration the Client selects username and password. Client is responsible for keeping the username and password. When using the correct username and password, it is considered that the activity in the relevant profile has been performed by the registered user.


The Client shall receive a Service after paying the registration fee that enables to create a Profile to receive information from the Agency about current music, performance, commercial or film-related offers. The Client agrees and is aware that the Service only includes the receipt of information and the Agency does not provide job placement services and does not guarantee the receipt of a job offer.

The Agency shall not guarantee that the Client will be chosen for a specific project.

The service is considered to be provided and fully completed if any information about the relevant project is sent to the Client's profile.

Only the Agency is entitled to decide which Client's Profile is published on the portal without additional pay.

Fees and terms

The service fee is EUR 54 or USD 62 per year. The fee includes value added tax. It is possible to make a payment by credit card (Mastercard, Visa) and debit card (Maestro and Visa Electron) if the issuing bank provides payments through the Internet. The Client agrees that the receipt of the service is automatically extended for each subsequent year and the service fee is automatically withheld once a year from the Client's specified payment account. The Client agrees to receive an electronically prepared invoice that is valid without a signature. The Client agrees that the automatic payment from the account is made in full once a year, in accordance with the Agency's fee for the service. A client may unilaterally terminate the use of Profile by sending an appropriate notification to the Agency's e-mail address: The Agency shall close the profile and permanently delete all data, including photos, within 30 days. If the Client wants to be in our database again, the registration must be repeated. The Client agrees that the part of the fee for the unused period is not returned.

The agency is entitled to change the service fee. The changes shall take effect after they are published on the Portal. The subscription fee for the already paid period for Existing Clients is not changed.

If the initial service charge is fixed at a reduced level by discounts, the service fee for each subsequent year shall be applied at a standard amount of EUR 54 or USD 62.

Client's profile

After the registration fee is paid, the Client has the right to create their Profile. The Client can upload their photos, video, add audio recordings, and include their resume (CV) and provide descriptive information in the Profile. The client agrees that the Agency is entitled to decide on the compliance of all uploaded materials with the specific objective. The client undertakes to provide only truthful information.

The Client may upload and transfer to the Agency only such information (photo, video, voice recording or any other information) to which he has complete and unlimited rights.

The Client is prohibited from placing information (including photo, video and audio materials) in the Profile, that offends or violates the rights of third-party intellectual property (copyright, etc.), offends the dignity of a person, calls for violence or other illegal activity, is vulgar, contains computer viruses, is an unmatched advertising, is pornographic or excessively erotic or violates the laws of the LR.

By creating a Profile, you agree to receive information from the Agency that includes current fashion, music, advertising and cinema offers and any other information that is held by the Agency and by the discretion of the Agency may be useful for you.

The Agency shall be entitled to close the Client's profile without prior notice if Client violates the Agency's Terms of Service. In such event the paid subscription fee is not returned to the Client.


The Client agrees that all property rights within the meaning of the Copyright Law to photo, video and voice recording uploaded or otherwise transmitted to the Agency shall be transferred to the Agency.

The Client agrees that any information provided by the Client to the Agency may be used for self-promotion, advertisement or any other Agency's activity.


All personal data transferred to the Agency shall be processed, and the privacy policy for the protection of personal data shall be based on Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals regarding the processing of personal data and the circulation of such data that repeals Directive 95/46/EC (the General Data Protection Regulation) (hereinafter referred to as the Regulation), as well as the requirements of other European Union regulatory enactments regarding the protection of personal data.

The Controller's personnel who have access to personally identifiable information shall be required to ensure the protection of this information in accordance with this privacy policy, such as not using information for other purposes, but only for the provision of services necessary for the Client, and the realisation of the Controller's legitimate interests, in order to protect the vital interests of the data subject or other natural person.

By registering on the Portal, the Client gives his consent that the Agency processes Client's personal data. Personal Data Processing Controller is SIA „Baltic Casting Agency studija”, reg. No.40103430740, address Riga, Latvia. The aim of Client's personal data processing - providing Service to a Client that includes the creation and maintenance of a Client's profile in the Portal and the career promotion if Agency’s Clients or partners show interest in the Client's profile.

The Client is informed and agrees that the data in the Client's Profile and the content is publicly available to all Clients registered in the Portal and to Agency's Partners. The Client confirms and agrees that any information that the Client has downloaded to the Profile may appear on Google or any other search engine.

The Client is informed and agrees that all of their personal data, including photographs, information about age, nationality and any other information that the Client has downloaded to their Profile that is hosted on portal is considered to be personal data for the Internet environment and the information is publicly available. The same applies to data placed in Client's profile by the Agency on behalf of the Client.

Other personal data submitted by the Client to the Agency for the processing of data to increase the effectiveness of the service provided shall be processed and stored while Client's profile is maintained, as well as in the cases specified in regulatory enactments, after the initial processing of the data for as long as it would be necessary. After the end of the storage period, personal data will be permanently deleted, unless a regulatory act, such as the Law on Archives, will not impose an obligation to store them.

The data collected may be transferred to third parties who are the Clients and partners of the Agency, including advertising agencies, if necessary for achieving the objectives of the service provision and for the purposes of the data processing, including the conclusion of the contract or the facilitation of the conclusion of the contract between the Client and the partner or Client of the Agency, or where such obligation is imposed by binding regulatory enactments.

Data processing shall be carried out on the basis of the consent by the data subject and the controller's legitimate interest, as well as the necessary execution of the contract or the conclusion of the contract, by processing only the relevant category and extent of the personal data required.

You are entitled to request the renewal of your data, information on the use of your data, and to withdraw the consent and request the deletion of the data at any time.

The cookie allows the website to remember your actions and choices (logging in, language, font size, and other display choices) after time so you don't have to re-specify it whenever you return to the site or move from one page to another.

Other cookies allow the Controller to follow website traffic and user interaction with the website. The Controller uses this data to analyse visitor behaviour and improve visitor experience.

The Client is informed and agrees that third-party ads, including interactive form, can be placed on the Portal.

Websites may include links to third-party internet websites that have their own use and personal data protection terms for which "Baltic Casting Agency studija" does not carry responsibility.

Cookies are saved on your device only if you agree (unless cookies are required for the technical functioning of the website). However, it should be noted that if you do not agree with the use of cookies, the individual functions of the website may not function properly or do not work at all.

The legal basis for the use of cookies is the Controller's legitimate interest to ensure the technical functionality of the website. When cookies are used to remember your choice or for statistical purposes, the legal basis is your consent.

You can delete all cookies that have already been saved on your computer and you can set your browser to not allow you to save them. But in this case, you must manually specify a choice every time you visit the site, and some services and features may not work.


The Agency shall ensure the security of all possible information received by taking all precautionary measures to guard against computer viruses and unauthorised intrusion into the Portal. The Agency shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the Client or which may arise regarding the Portal or the use of the Service provided.

The Agency shall ensure, continuously review and improve personal data protection measures to protect natural person's personal data from unauthorised access, accidental loss, disclosure or destruction. 

The Agency shall carefully scrutinise all service providers that process personal data on its behalf and assess whether the partners (personal data controllers) apply appropriate security measures to ensure that the natural person's personal data processing is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Agency and regulatory enactments. 

In the event of a personal data security incident, if it poses a potentially high risk to the rights and freedom of the data subject, the controller will notify the respective data subject if it is possible.

The Agency shall not bear responsibility for future or already concluded contracts for which information is obtained through the Agency.

Out-of-court complaint procedure

The Client is entitled to submit a complaint to the Agency for alleged irregularities in the operation of the Portal by sending it to the e-mail address The complaint shall be reviewed within one month of its receipt.

Personal data shall be voluntarily and knowingly transferred to the Agency. I am informed that I am entitled at any time to request the renewal of my data, information on the use of my data, and to withdraw the consent and request the deletion of the data.


By registering on the Portal to create profile, the Client agrees and accepts the mentioned Agency’s Terms of Service.




Address: 17 Avotu Street
Telephone number: +371 27021024 



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